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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Teaching Assistantships (TA)

The department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences is looking for interested applicants for our spring 2024 TA positions. Preference is given to graduate students within the department. Instructions to apply are at the bottom of this page. Time commitment is based upon the percent appointment you receive (25%=180 hours, 33.4%=240 hours, 50%=360 hours). Classes and percent appointments are listed below:

Fall 2024 Teaching Assistant Opportunities

Course Instructor # of TA’s Appt % Position Filled
ATM OCN 100 Weather and Climate Lang 2 33.4% yes
ATM OCN 100 Weather and Climate Vimont 1 33.4% yes
ATM OCN 101 Weather and Climate Vimont 2 33.4% yes
ATM OCN 102 Climate and Climate Change Maroon 2 33.4% yes
ATM OCN 310 Dynamics of the Atm and Ocn I Henderson 1 33.4% yes
ATM OCN 330 Physics of the STM & OCN I TBD 1 33.4% no
ATM OCN 332 Global Warming: Science and Impacts Wagner 1 33.4% no
ATM OCN 441 Radar/Satellite Meteorology L’Ecuyer 1 25% yes
ATM OCN 452 Synoptic Lab I Martin 1 50% yes
ATM OCN 573 Comp Methods in Atm and Ocn Zanowski 1 33.4% yes
ATM OCN 630 Introduction to Atmos. & Oceanic Physics Adames 1 50.0% no

To Apply

If you are interested in being a TA for one of the classes, please send an email to indicating which class you are interested in and a short statement about why you are interested in TAing that class. Even if you have already talked with an instructor and have been accepted to be a TA for their course, please respond and provide this information as confirmation and for our records. When you respond with your interest, please copy your advisor.

Archive of previous semester Teaching Assistantships