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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Synoptic Meteorology

Faculty in the department are involved in a number of research initiatives concerning the analysis, diagnosis, and prediction of synoptic and mesoscale weather phenonmena. Our work is broadly based and includes diagnostic studies, numerical modeling, scale interaction studies, and 4-D data assimilation.

Our goal is to understand the life cycles of tropical and extra-tropical cyclones. We are using numerical studies to help us develop an idealzed model of the cyclone life cycle. We are particularly interested in the initiation of tropical cyclones and in the nature of the mid-latitude occlusion process and subsequent cyclone decay. We hope to enchance our understanding of the role of cyclones in the global climate system.

We are also working to improve the quality of operational weather forecasts. Projects in this area include studies in forecast sensitivity, targeted observations, and the 4-D assimilation of satellite winds into numerical forecast models.

Faculty Involved

Matt HitchmanAndrea Lopez LangJonathan MartinMichael MorganBrad Pierce